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Playstar PS 7676 Swing Hanger Playstar PS 7668 Play Handle Playstar PS 7690 Playset Anchor Kit
PlayStar?s PS 7676 Swing Hangers provides a safe way to attach a swing to your playset. The dual fastening system doubles the holding power and ensures the swing hanger will not turn out of orientation, while the nylon bushing helps ensure a quiet and smooth ride. With the simple instructions and hardware included, they can easily be attached to any wooden swing beam. Thoroughly tested for safety, this swing hanger exceeds CPSC standards for residential use and comes with a 10 year warranty. PlayStar?s PS 7668 Play Handles will have your little climber conquering their jungle gym with confidence! The solid-through construction with 100% HDPE ensures that this grab handle will last a lifetime. It is molded to perfectly fit your child?s hand to guarantee they will always have a sure grip. With the simple instructions and mounting hardware that?s included, you can easily attach them to any wooden swing set. These Play Handles are proudly made in the USA and have been thoroughly tested for safety, they even come with a 10 year warranty to give your family peace of mind. PlayStar?s PS 7690 Playset Anchors can easily be twisted into the ground to secure wooden playsets, slides, and climbers. This design features extra wide augers that provide 30 percent more holding power than other anchors on the market. They come with straightforward instructions and all the mounting hardware required for a quick and simple installation for your jungle gym needs. This product is thoroughly tested for safety and exceeds CPSC standards for residential use.
Playstar PS 7828 Climbing Rope Playstar PS 7836 Gym Ring Playstar PS 7840 Steering Wheel
Playstar Climbing Rope, Polypropylene, Black, Dimensions: 12-1/2 ft L, Includes: (1) 12-1/2 ft Climbing Rope Long and Safety Hardware PlayStar?s PS 7836 Gym Rings are a timeless and fun addition to any wooden swing beam! These durable, solid through constructed teardrop designed rings are molded to comfortably fit a child?s hand as they create an exciting new gymnastic routine. With the simple instructions included, you can easily attach them to your playset so your kids can jump in and enjoy. Proudly made in the USA and thoroughly tested for safety, PlayStar?s Gym Rings exceed all standards for residential use. PS 7840 Steering Wheel lets your child?s imagination take the wheel with this large colorful Steering Wheel! The solid through construction makes this a fun and durable playset accessory that will last for years to come. Simple instructions and mounting hardware are included which allows you to easily attach to your new or existing swingset while your kids? eyes light up with anticipation to take it for a spin. Proudly made in the USA and comes with a 10 year warranty.
Playstar Trapeze Bar Playstar PS 7948 Swing Seat Playstar PS 7832 Discovery Telescope
PS 7538 Commercial Grade Trapeze Bar is to be used as an attachment to the Commercial Grade Gym Rings. The Trapeze Bar and clips make this an easy transition to a Ring/Trapeze combo.Designed with a pliable rubber coating for a comfortable grip and a unique U shape so that the bar will not rotate 360 degrees while they play. This trapeze bar comes with a LIFETIME warranty and is thoroughly tested for safety with a 350 pound weight rating. PlayStar's PS 7948 Swing Seat is a soft rubber coated belt swing with heavy-duty welded chains that will give your child hours of swinging, soaring fun on any playset. The swing seat comes with two welded quick-link connectors for easy hanging so your little ones will be able to jump on and enjoy in no time. Proudly made in the USA and comes with a 10 year warranty. PS 7676 Swing hangers sold separately. PS 7832 Discovery Telecope all your children to explore new territories or spot far off lands. This fun accessory swivels and pivots so your little explorer can get the perfect view! Easily attach to any wooden playset with the mounting hardware and easy to follow instructions.Designed with safety in mind, this durable telescope does not contain glass for magnification to keep kids safe. Proudly Made in the USA, the Discovery Telescope will not crack or break and is warranted for a full 10 years.
Playstar PS 7952 Toddler Swing Playstar Gym Ring Playstar PS 7946 Swing Seat
When you use PlayStar?s PS 7952 Toddler Swing, you can watch your little one?s face light up as you gently push them back and forth on their swing set. Designed specifically for younger children between 9 to 36 months, this swing will keep them safe and snug when in use. The adjustable lap belt and durable one-piece design makes putting your toddler in and taking them out hassle-free. Thoroughly tested for safety and comes with a 10 year warranty makes this toddler swing a great addition for a new and growing family. You can watch and cheer as your child trains like a world class gymnast with PlayStar?s PS 7536 Commercial Grade Gym Rings! The solid through construction of these gym rings features a power grip to help provide a safe, strong grasp as they create an exciting ring routine. Proudly made in the USA, these rings have a 350 pound weight rating and a LIFETIME warranty so your family can make a lifetime of memories. PlayStar?s Rigid Swing Seat PS 7946 is the perfect beginner swing for your little one who is ready to transition from a toddler swing. The sturdy solid through construction of the seat features textured raised pads to help keep your child in place while they learn the to-and-fros of swinging on their own. The swing?s welded link chains have a soft rubber coating to prevent any pinching. You can cheer them on as your kid confidently starts swinging independently right before your eyes! Proudly made in the USA and thoroughly tested for safety to give your family peace of mind.
Playstar Swing Seat Playstar PS 7838 Speak/Spy Megascope Playstar PS 7576 Swing Hanger
PlayStar?s Commercial Grade Swing Seat (PS 7548) is a smooth and form fitting belt swing. The seat is designed extra wide and long to hug your child while they play on their outdoor play set. Kids will enjoy the thrilling sensation of flying and falling all while safely swinging back and forth, developing motor skills and coordination. This swing has a weight rating of 350 pounds when used with PlayStar commercial grade swing hangers that are sold separately. Proudly made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty to give your family a lifetime of memories. PS 7838 Speak & Spy MegaScope is both for shouting out to siblings and spying on your frenemies. This periscope megaphone combo can either be attached up high in a playset tower to see what other kids are doing, or it can easily be removed from the bracket to magically appear and disappear along the bushes to surprise them. Use your imagination and create adventures that will leave lasting memories for all that participate. The Speak & Spy MegaScope is proudly made in the USA and exceeds the Consumer Safety Product Counsel Standards. If your kids love to swing on their playset all day every day, then PlayStar?s PS 7576 Commercial Grade Swing Hangers would be a great choice to use on your wooden swing set. This long-lasting swing hanger was designed for rugged play and features four fastener holding power and a nylon bushing for a quiet, smooth ride. Thoroughly tested for safety, these hangers have a 700 pound weight rating and comes with a LIFETIME warranty.
Extend-A-Bay PS 7664 Swing Station Kit Playstar PS 7744 Monkey Ring Kit Playstar Toddler Swing
As your family grows and changes, so can your PlayStar Build it Yourself playset swing beam! With the PS 7664 Extend-a-Bay/Swing Station Kit you can add 8 feet and up to 2 activities to your existing swing bay. Or if you are just getting started, you can combine 2 kits to build a simple wooden A-Frame swing set. This swing set hardware bracket kit is proudly made in the USA and comes with a 10 year warranty. PS 7744 Monkey Ring Kit gives the little climber in your life something exciting to conquer. This classic jungle gym addition helps challenge your child to overcome obstacles while helping build upper body strength, coordination, and confidence. The teardrop design of the monkey rings is specifically designed for a child?s hand to help provide a sure grip as they make their way across. All the components in this kit are proudly made in the USA and comes with a 10 year warranty. PlayStar?s PS 7534 Commercial Grade Toddler Swing is designed to comfortably cradle your little one as they gently sway back and forth in this durable swing. The one-piece construction makes putting your little bundle of joy in and taking them out of the swing hassle free. This swing also features a pliable high-backed seat and adjustable lap belt to provide a safe and snug fit, while the welded link swing chains have a soft rubber coating to ensure a no pinch grip. Made in the USA and thoroughly tested for safety, the Commercial Grade Toddler Swing has a 155 pound weight rating and comes with a lifetime warranty to give your family peace of mind.
Playstar PS 8870 Vertical Climber
PS 8870 PlayStar Vertical Climber can easily be mounted to your outdoor wooden jungle gym as a single or double by stacking a second climber directly above to increase the fun and the challenge. This will quickly become one of your kid?s favorite spots to scale their playset tower and call out to friends below all while helping build agility, strength, and confidence. The Vertical Climber is made in the USA and has a 10 year warranty.