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FLY CATCHER RIBBON CASE/100PC Woodstream M150 Mouse Trap Victor Easy Set M035 Mouse Trap
The original fly catcher ribbon. Assured not to dry out, leak in transit and storage or be messy and obnoxious to use, like others are. Our "EZ Grab Tab", unfurls the ribbon cleanly and easily. Reliable metal bait pedal to handle gumdrops, peanut butter, cheese or other natural mouse attractants. Swiss cheese pedal requires no baiting. Trigger is infused with a scent mice find irresistible.
PIC FR3B Fly Catcher Ribbon Victor M180C Glue Board 5 in W X 8-3/4 in D Hot Shot MaxAttrax 2040W Ant Trap
Pic? fly ribbon catches flies indoors or outdoors. Easy-to-use warm tube in hands to facilitate removal of the ribbon. Remove the thumbtack and carefully set aside. Hold the red loop and pull down the tube slowly with a twirling motion until the ribbon is fully exposed. Hang the ribbon by placing the thumbtack through the red loop and place anywhere flies are a nuisance. The Victor? Hold-Fast? mouse glue board is a highly effective method for trapping and securely holding mice and crawling insects that invade your home. The glue boards can be used alone, folded or used with your TIN CAT? or refillable glue tray, giving you a wide range of placement options. Easy-to-use and pre-baited with a synthetic peanut butter scent, each mouse trap has a large glue surface proven to catch and hold rodents. Kills ants fast in 24 hrs. Exclusive attractant gets ants to the bait fast, so they die fast. Kills also the eggs they carry. Lasts up to 3 months. Contains 0.50% sulfuramid.
J.T. Eaton 406XT Mouse Trap With Expanded Trigger PIC C-4-36 Mosquito Coil PIC GMT-4F Ready-To-Use Glue Trap
Pic GMT-4F Glue Trap
Our Price: $3.49
The Little Bigfoot? wooden mouse trap is ideal for individuals who want simple, tried-and-true pest control. Pic? Mosquito repelling coils helps to repel mosquitoes in confined areas outdoors. It is useful in places where there is little or no breeze such as patios and porches. Do not use indoors. No poisons or bait needed. No spring, no snaps, no hurt fingers. Disposal, sanitary/ready to use. Place where needed - discard pest and trap. Works for crawling insects, too.
Spectrum 11020 Black Flag Roach Killer Victor Quick Set M130 Mouse Trap Harris RTRP All Natural Pesticide-Free Glue Trap
Hides dead bugs. Roaches check in, but they don't check out. Traps roaches, water bugs, Palmetto bugs, spiders, crickets and scorpions. Contains 2 traps. Easy mouse trap to set and bait. Sets and releases with one simple click. Quick kill contains a power bar designed for a quick, humane kill. Can be used around food, water, children and pets. Irresistible lure draws roaches from their hiding places. Traps American cockroaches, German cockroaches, water bugs and palmetto bugs. All natural and pesticide free. Clean, non-toxic and easy-to-use. Contains 2 traps.
PIC GRT-2F All Weather Ready-To-Use Glue Trap FLY ATTRACTANT/CATCHER RIBBONS TIKI 1312128 Replacement Patio Lamp Wick
Pic? Mouse and rat glue traps are traditional approaches to catching rodents. Carefully place the glue board or glue trays against the wall where rodents commonly run in the area you know you have an infestation and wait for your catch. The original fly catcher ribbon. Assured not to dry out, leak in transit and storage or be messy and obnoxious to use, like others are. Our "EZ Grab Tab", unfurls the ribbon cleanly and easily. For use in any outdoor torch with 1/2 in wick. Wick is 1/2 in Dia x 9-3/4 in L. Made of fiberglass.
Woodstream T3200 Spider Trap Fly Stick FSTIK-W Jumbo Pre-Baited Fly Trap PIC PLAS-BON Ant Control Bait
Protect yourself from an array of creepy crawlers, including the Big 3 - brown recluse, black widow and hobo spiders with non-toxic TERRO? spider and insect traps. Insect traps are an excellent way to capture and kill a large number of spiders and other crawling insects. Pesticide-free and easy-to-use, spiders, ants, cockroaches, crickets and other crawling insects are captured by the sticky surface on the TERRO? spider and insect trap where they get stuck and die. Pic? fly stick is an effective way to control common houseflies, moths, horse flies and other flying insects indoors and out. Pic? fly stick can be used in any room of the house, including food preparation areas because it gives off no vapors. For maximum results, place 1 teaspoon of a food attractant such as honey or chocolate syrup into the bottom bait cup. Pic? ant killer bait has been the effective method for destroying ants for years. The bait is in a child-resistant container. It is effective and easy-to-use.
Victor M333 Multiple Catch Trap PIC PMT-2 Mouse Trap J.T. Eaton 360 Insect Killer
You can get rid of the mice in your house without having to see or touch them or kill them - this live trap is the ideal solution for you. The Victor? Catch and Hold? Mice Trap allows you to catch and release the mice without having to touch them. It is disposable or reusable, depending on your preference. This live trap can be used around food, water, children and pets. Pic? simple set mouse trap contains two reusable plastic traps that are so easy-to-use just a press and it sets. Keeps fingers safe, re-opens easily for disposal and is extremely effective. The deep bait well allows you to fill it with peanut butter, chocolate or any other sweet attractant. Answer? boric acid is a great solution for most insects and in addition to regular uses, can be used in a mop water solution for food handling and food serving areas.
Victor M007 Live Mouse Trap PIC C-8-24 Mosquito Coil Jawz Easy To Set 409 Quick Set Reusable Snap Trap
Never have to see, touch or kill a mouse again to remove it, or have to keep dangerous poisons around. Simply open the door, bait the trap and place it in area where mice have been seen. An ingenious locking device. Pic? Mosquito repelling coils helps to repel mosquitoes in confined areas outdoors. It is useful in places where there is little or no breeze such as patios and porches. Do not use indoors. The JAWZ? trap is a great alternative for individuals who are weary of traditional snap traps, but want the same reliable results.
PIC RCS Control System Bait Station Sweeney?s S6006 Mole and Gopher Repellent Sevin 100508222 Bug Killer
Pic? roach control systems comes with 12 ready-to-use bait stations and are an effective way to kill roaches. Keep your yard free of burrowing critters with Victor mole and gopher poison peanuts. The handy peanut pellets act as both a bait and a killer to eliminate moles and gophers and stop lawn damage fast. Plus, the cone tip design and precision tube makes it easy to pour pellets into active tunnels. With 6 oz of peanuts, this container includes plenty of bait to rid yourself of burrowing animals. No-mix formula in convenient containers. Use up until harvest on many fruits and vegetables. Kills over 60 insect pests. Active Ingredient: Carbaryl (1-naphtyl N-methylcarbonate) 5.0 percent.
Harris BBTRP All Natural Pesticide-Free Insect Trap J.T. Eaton 444 Stick-A-Fly Fly Traps Bonide 47054 Glue Board
Bonide 47054 Pest Trap
Our Price: $5.69
Harris bed bug traps use irresistible food lure to attract bed bugs. These traps should be used to detect bed bugs in your home or business and may be used on an ongoing basis in combination with other products. Additionally, if you have taken steps to eradicate bed bugs and would like to monitor their return and ensure that they are completely gone, the traps are a great, cost-effective option. Stick-A-Fly? fly traps are the versatile solution for fly control with various mounting and hanging options and includes a fly lure for a higher catch rate. Versatile boards can be used flat or set in a tent shape to protect the surface from kids, pets and dirt. Traps mice, rats, snakes, spiders, scorpions and insects.
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