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Pet Lodge SSH2 Salt Spool Hanger Miller ACC1 Ferrule Cage Clip Pet Lodge OPB32 Pet Water Bottle
Mineral and salt spool is a tasty treat that helps keep pets healthy. Contains salt and white mineral oil. Ideal for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas and ferrets. Handy clip attaches to top or side of cage. Use to assemble 14 to 16 gauge wire  panels for rabbit cages, hutches, pet homes or other wire products. 1 lb. package assembles 3-4 average size units. Idea for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and other small animals. Constructed from strong, opaque plastic with colorful graphics. Stainless steel ballpoint tube keeps water clean and cage dry.
Miller ACP2 Wire Clip Plier Pet Lodge ADP2424 Dropping Pan Miller AH2424 Rabbit Hutch
For assembling or repair of wire cages, hutches, pet homes, traps or other wire products. Designed to easily attach clips or ferrules around all types of wire mesh. For use with Pet Lodge ACC1 wire cage clips, and most other clips. Made from heavy-duty galvanized steel and plastic with riveted corners and hemmed edges. Pans pull out for easy cleaning. Fully assembled. Constructed of rust-resistant, easy to clean wire mesh. Doors are surrounded by protective vinyl guards and features spring tension door latches. 1'' x 1/2'' wire mesh bottom and 2'' x 1'' sides.
Pet Lodge 150903 Pop Up Rabbit Cage Pet Lodge 150910 Pop Up Rabbit Cage Pet Lodge RHCK1 Rabbit Hutch kit
Rounded corners and evenly spaced wire for hanging feeders and waterers. Rounded corners and evenly spaced wire for hanging feeders and waterers. Easy to assemble kit includes everything needed for rabbit raising. Includes hutch, plastic dropping pan, frame kit, 5'' sifter feeder with lid, 32 oz water bottle, cage clips and wire clip pliers.