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ARM & HAMMER BAKING SODA 16 OZ Fels Naptha 723154 Laundry Bar Soap Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Drop-Ins 00191 Toilet Bowl Cleaner
For baking, cleaning and deodorizing. For pre-treating greasy, oily stains like perspiration stains and ring-around-the collar. Works on stains made by chocolate, perspiration, baby formula and make-up. Can eliminate poison ivy resin from your clothing. Continuously cleans toilet bowl and prevents odor-causing build-up. One disc dissolves completely in the tank to help clean and deodorize the bowl for weeks.
Bon Ami 04030 All Purpose Home Cleaner Lava 10085/290098 Hand Soap Arm & Hammer 11448 Carpet and Room Pet Deodorizer
Made with original formula: gentle feldspar for polishing and soap for cleaning. Defogs windows and mirrors. Cleans and polishes metal surfaces, acts as rust retardant. No detergent or bleach. Lava Hand Soap, Heavy Duty, Lava, 5.75 oz Capacity, Solid, Green, Perfumed Odor/Scent, 10.3 pH, 1.18 Specific Gravity The power of baking soda and oxi clean dirt fighters absorbs odors and removes dirt from smoke, mold, and mildew. Easy pet hair pick up. Does not remove carpet stains. Leaves behind a pleasant fragrance for long lasting freshness.
Air Wick 78046 Long Lasting Air Freshener Dispenser Dirtex 10601 All Purpose Clnr DIAL GOLD 3 BARS 4OZ
Scented oil base warmer unit to be used with long lasting refills made of discreet frosted glass. Includes 1 warmer unit. For use on every washable surface in the home. Quick-dissolving. Ammoniated to deliver greater cleaning power, yet very gentle to the skin. Apply with warm water and sponge or soft towel. Leaves surface clean without rinsing for repainting or rewaxing. Original bar color and mild fragrance.
DampRid FG01K Moisture Absorber Arm & Hammer Fridge-N-Freezer 1710 Baking Soda with Suction Cup Hang Irish Spring Original Bar Soap
For bathrooms/laundry rooms, bedrooms, closets, cabinets, offices/supply closets, gym lockers, storage spaces and stored boats/RVs/classic cars. Removes excess moisture from air. Eliminates musty odors and reduce allergens caused by moisture. Prevents mold and mildew stains, protects against moisture damage and turns stagnant air into fresher, cleaner air. Can be refilled and reused time and again. For space that is 150 to 250 sq. ft. Eliminates odors so foods taste fresher longer. Stick in freezer, fridge or crisper. 30 days of freshness. Green and white striated bar provides a full, rich lather and a deodorant system for maximum protection.
Malco 62338-00750 All Purpose Cleaner Red? Devil 261 Biodegradable All Purpose TSP Cleaner Savogran 10621 All Purpose Cleaner
Removes rust, corrosion, hard water deposits, and other tough stains. Use on porcelain and stainless steel sinks, laminate countertops, toilets, tile and grout. Also effective on BBQ grills, hand tools, fiberglass boats, and aluminum doors and windows. A tri-sodium phosphate substitute that neutralizes and floats away grease, grime, dirt, oil, and smoke film. Contains no phosphorous, soap, lye, or abrasives. Packaged in a re-sealable bag. Do not use on glass. For tough jobs. Preferred by painting and cleaning professionals for removing heavy deposits of greasy grime, smoke and soot stains from walls, woodwork and floors. Used to wash away mildew and chalked paint. Recommended for washing away paint remover sludge.
SC Johnson 73099 Glade Plugin Air Freshener DampRid FG30K Moisture Absorber Refill CEDAR MOTH DISKS
Scented oil warmer provides fragrance that can make even larger rooms more inviting. Just insert the warmer unit upright into an outlet by rotating the warmer?s electrical plug if needed, adjust the fragrance level and enjoy the perfect amount of fragrance. Removes excess moisture from air, prevents mildew, mold and musty odors. Economical alternative when air conditioners or dehumidifiers are not practical. Use in closets, basements, cabinets, bathrooms, linen closets, recreational vehicles and more. Refill for the 10.5 oz. and 18 oz. DampRid refillable moisture absorber containers or non-electric moisture absorbers. Provides four refills for SKU 652.1173 10.5 oz tub. Natural cedar disk slide easily onto any hanger for extra protection or slip into a drawer. Measures 2" diameter x 3/8" thick.
Savogran 10611 Phosphate-Free All Purpose Cleaner Household Essentials 17824 Cedar Moth Balls Odor Genie FG69H Odor Eliminator
A heavy-duty, nonsudsing, phosphate-free formula that cuts through and removes heavy deposits of greasy dirt and grime from walls, woodwork and floors; removes smoke and soot stains on fireplace mantels, adjoining walls and ceilings. Use to wash away mildew and chalked paint. Also recommended for washing away paint remover sludge. Used as a natural alternative to chemical moth balls. Each packet contains 24, 7/8" diameter cedar balls. Enclosed solid gel dissipates through vents in gray container about 5" dia. Place where needed to eliminate unwanted odors. Charcoal layer removes odors, does not mask odors, emit odors, or mask unwanted smells. Immediately begins to work once film is removed. Use in cars, boats, campers, storage rooms, bathrooms, pet areas, trash cans, diaper pails, etc. to eliminate organic odors including: pet, fish, urine, vomit, feces, garbage, beer, smoke from tobacco/wood, ammonia, mildew, all forms of decomposition, sewage, carbon dioxide, Freon, formaldehyde, ethylene, nitrogen, methyl alcohol, helium, and more. Lasts up to 6 weeks/60 days; 300-sq.ft. coverage approximately.
Guardsman 405200 Reusable Ring and Mark Remover Cloth Damp Rid FG91 Moisture Absorber Arm & Hammer 03020 All Natural Super Washing Soda
Eliminates water, heat, and other marks from wood finishes. Removes unsightly marks caused by the heat and moisture of coffee mugs, pizza boxes and more. 5.75 x 11 in. Reusable. Made in the USA. Perfect for basement, bathroom, bedroom, boat, camper/rv, garage/storage unit and laundry room. Put single-use disposable moisture absorbers everywhere you need convenient and powerful moisture and odor control. Simply discard it when the crystals are gone. Effective for up to 45 days. Sealed safety cover keeps children and pets safe. Removes odors from cooking, garbage, diaper pails (activated charcoal only) and bathrooms. Fragrance free. All natural Super Washing Soda. Works as a laundry detergent booster and as a household cleaner.
CLEANING WIPE CITRS 30 COUNT  Damp Rid FG80 Moisture Absorber Tide Ultra Laundry Detergent
Use to remove latex paint, adhesives, grime, grease, gunk and oil from hands and surfaces. The Pro-Klean moisturizing formula penetrates tough messes for a deep down clean. Contain vitamin E and aloe to help soften skin, removing most odors and stains with no harsh chemicals. Dual-scrubbing action. Rough scrubbing side removes stuck-on residue and grime. Smooth side is gentle enough to clean hands, face and arms. Resealable pack. 9.8in x 8.2in. Non-electric moisture absorber combined with a fresh scent to protect against damage caused by excess moisture. Absorbs musty odors caused by stagnant air and creates fresher, healthier air. Enclosed white pellets last approximately 4-6 weeks to achieve 40 to 50% relative humidity. Non-toxic, septic safe, and environment-friendly. With deep cleaning activated Hydrogen Peroxide. Original scent.
REPLACEMENT TABS              Homax 2236 White Ring Remover Cloth Permatex Fast Orange Pre-Moistened Hand Wipes
Ideal for: basement, bathroom, bedroom, boat, camper/RV, closet, garage/storage unit, kitchen, laundry room, and office. Refill tabs for Drop-In Tab Starter Container. Contains 2 pre-measured single use tabs in Fresh Scent. Each tab lasts up to 60 days. For use with Sku# 740.0260. Makes heat and watermarks disappear without stripping or harming the finish of wood furniture. Helps restore furniture without expensive refinishing. It also removes minor scratches, magic markers and pens from wood finishes, and removes tarnish and oxidization from copper and brass. Contains one treated cloth in a resealable bag. Use as hand cleaner, to clean tools or to wipe down workspace. Two-sided, with microbeads for stubborn grime and smooth for finishing off cleaning.
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