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Dorcy 411663 Replacement Krypton Lamp Dorcy 411664 Krypton Lamp Dorcy 411661 Replacement Krypton Lamp
Dorcy Krypton Lamp, Replacement, 4.8/6 V, 0.75 A, Fits 6 V, 4D Flashlights Dorcy Krypton Lamp, 2.25 V, 0.6 A, Screw Base, Fits 2AA Flashlights Dorcy Krypton Lamp, Replacement, 3.6 V, 0.75 A, Bayonet Base, 0.56 in Diameter, 1.88 in Height, 3.14 in Width, Fits 3D Flashlights
Dorcy 411660 Replacement Krypton Lamp Dorcy 411662 Replacement Krypton Lamp Eveready Economy 3151LBP Flashlight
Dorcy Krypton Lamp, Replacement, 2.4 V, 0.7 A, Bayonet Base, 1.88 in Length, 3.14 in Height, 0.56 in Width, Fits 2D Flashlights Dorcy Krypton Lamp, Replacement, 2.2 V, 0.47 A, B3-1/2 Bulb, Bulged Shape, 1.88 in Length, 3.14 in Height, 0.56 in Width, Fits 2C/2AA Flashlights Eveready Flashlight, Series: Economy, LED Bulb, 57 m Beam Distance, 9 lumens, 50 hr Average Life, Carbon Zinc Battery, 1 Batteries, Slide Switch, Plastic Body, NEMA FL1, 40 mm Diameter, 160 mm Overall Length, ANSI Specified
Coast 20186 Flashlight Filter Kit HEADLIGHT 10 LED WHT/RED 3AAA Energizer ENL33AE Compact Pocket Flashlight
Coast Flashlight Filter Kit, Includes: (4) Colored Filters Red, Green, Blue and Yellow and Clear, Suitable For Use With: HP7R, HP7, HP7TAC, PX46 and HL8 Flashlights, Rubber Bezel LED headlight, 17 lumens, 13 hour run time, 15 meter beam distance, 8 LED white, 2 red blinking LED. Push button switch. Uses 3 AAA batteries, included. 2.3" L x 2.7" W, .28lb. Energizer Flashlight, Compact, Pocket, LED Bulb, 8 lumens, 60 hr Average Life, Alkaline Battery, 3 Batteries, On/Off Slide Switch, Red Body, 190.5 mm Overall Length, 26.2 mm Overall Height, For Pockets, Purses, Packs, and Other Small Areas
BULB CONVERSION LED 2CELL     BULB CONVERSION LED 3/4CELL   Dorcy 41-2461 Flashlight With Battery
Conversion bulb operates with any 2 cell AA, C, or D flashlight. 10 year bulb, 100,000 hours of use. 30 lumen 3 volt replacement. Conversion bulb operates with any 3 cell, 4 cell, or 6V lantern or flashlight. 100,000 hours of use. 40 lumen, 4.5 volt. Dorcy Flashlight, 3 V, LED Bulb, 50 m Beam Distance, 25 lumens, Alkaline Battery, AA Battery, 2 Batteries, Side Push Button Switch, Plastic Body, Red/Blue Body, 1-1/2 in Diameter, 6 in Overall Length, For Use as Work Lights by Police, Air Traffic and Fire Departments
Eveready 1251L Industrial Flashlight Eveready Economy 3151L2S Flashlight FLASHLIGHT LED RUBBER 1D
Eveready Industrial Flashlight, Heavy Duty, Series: 1251L, LED Bulb, 1 Bulbs, 45 m Beam Distance, 35 lumens, Alkaline Battery, D Battery, 2 Batteries, 113 hr, Polypropylene Body, Yellow Body, IPX4, ANSI FL1, For Wet Areas Eveready Flashlight, Series: Economy, LED Bulb, 57 m Beam Distance, 9 lumens, 50 hr Average Life, Carbon Zinc Battery, 1 Batteries, Slide Switch, Plastic Body, NEMA FL1, 40 mm Diameter, 160 mm Overall Length, ANSI Specified Super tough rubber construction. Water resistant. Uses 1 D cell battery (included).
Dorcy 41-1017 Handheld Lantern FLASHLIGHT LED GEL-BRITE 2AA  Energizer PLED23AEH Penlight
Luxeon LEDs for 360 degrees of light. Lightweight and portable, durable rotating switch and a handle hang hook. 70 hour run-time on 4 AA batteries (not included). 40 lumens with a beam distance of 15 feet. Assorted colors (no color choice available). Rubber flashlight. 40 hour run time, 50 meter beam distance, uses 2 AA batteries, included. 6.20" L x 1.14" W, 3.1 oz. Push button switch. Blue, red, purple and green colors. Energizer Penlight, 1.5 V, LED Bulb, 1 Bulbs, 27 m Beam Distance, 11 lumens, 16 hr Average Life, Alkaline Battery, 2 Batteries, Push Button Switch, Aluminum Body, Silver Body, NEMA FL1, 16.7 mm Diameter, 145.3 mm Overall Length, ANSI Specified
Energizer FNL2BU1CS Trim Flexible Neck Light Dorcy 41-1077 Portable Push and Light With Battery Fulcrum 30015-303 Light-It Versatile Tap Light
Energizer Neck Light, Trim Flexible, Series: Industrial, 3 V, LED Bulb, 4 Bulbs, 7 m Beam Distance, 4 lumens, 30 hr Average Life, CR2032 Lithium Coil Cell Battery, 2 Batteries, Slide Switch, ABS Resin Body, Polycarbonate Lens, Black/Yellow Body, NEMA FL1, 2 in Diameter, 10-1/2 in Overall Length, Includes: (1) Pocket Clip Just press the easy to reach button switch and the light comes on. The Push N Light contains 6 super bright 5 mm LEDs, durable plastic construction design and an easy to use push-button switch. Ideal for indoor or outdoor lighting, the push light is perfect for closets, cupboards, nightstands, staircases, yard buildings, attics, RVs, tents and countless other places. The 4AA - 6 LED Push N Light comes complete with 4 AA cell batteries and Velcro for easy attachment. Fulcrum Tap Light, Frequency Rating: 60 Hz, Battery Type: Alkaline, Battery Size: AAA, Number of Batteries: 3, Lamp Type: LED, Number of Lamps: 9, Lumens: 40.5, Average Life: 100,000 hr, Light Color: Bright White, Color Temperature: 5500 K, Color Rendering Index (CRI): 70, Beam Type: Flood, Bracket Mounting, Black, Includes: Adhesive Strips and Integral Mounting Bracket
Fulcrum 30015-308 Light-It Versatile Tap Light LIGHT LUNA TAP                Nite Ize LUC2-07 LED Combination Upgrade Kit
Two stage dimmer, 20 Lumens. Uses 4 AA batteries (not included). Secure keyhole mount and drywall anchor included. Nite Ize Combination Upgrade Kit, LED, 1-1/2 in Length X 3/4 in Width X 1 in Height, Suitable For Use With: Maglite Incandescent AA Mini Flashlight, RoHS Compliant, 30 lumens, 25 hr Battery Run Time, 40 m Beam
FLASHLIGHT 6 LED 3AA          Fulcrum MultiFlex Read/Task Light FLASHLIGHT COMBO LED 1D 2PK
Weather resistant. Tail cap push button switch. 135 lumens, 2 hour run time, uses 3 AAA batteries, included. Plastic, 3.93" L x 1.32" W, .20lb. black/blue/green/orange colors. Fulcrum Read/Task Light, Series: MultiFlex, 0.06 W, LED Lamp, Silver, Includes: AAA Battery, For Clamps or Stands Bright LED, anti-roll feature, 50 hour runtime. Requires 1 D cell battery (Included). Card/2
HEADLIGHT 8 LED WHT/RED 3AAA  Dorcy 41-2105 3 LED Cap Light Headlight Dorcy 41-2350 Work Light with Battery
LED Headlight, 42 lumens, 12 hour run time, 20 foot beam distance, 8 LED white, 1 LED red ,1 LED green. Push button top switch. Panel swivels 50 degrees. 2 brightness modes, 8 LED high, 4 LED low. Uses 3 AAA batteries, Included. 2-3/4" L x 1-3/4" W. Red, blue colors. Dorcy Cap Light Headlight, 3 LED, 13.5 lumens, 13 hr Average Life, White, 2-11/16 in Length, 1.04 in Height, 1.89 in Width, Includes: CR2016 3 V 0.75 mAh Battery, On/Off Bottom Mounted Slide Switch, For Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Mounting And Outdoor Activities Dorcy Work Light, Krypton Lamp, D Battery Power, Plastic, Includes: (2) Mastercell Heavy Duty Batteries, Push Button Switch
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