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DOUGH SCRAPER                 COFFEE MEASURE SS 1/8IN DIA   Chef Craft 20746 Ice Cream Scoops
The Chef Craft dough scraper is made of durable plastic which provides for a little flex so it can be used to scrape multiple surfaces. It has a thin edge which makes it great for not only scraping, but also can be used to cut dough. The Chef Craft dough scraper is a great addition to any home bakers arsenal of baking tools. Chef Craft coffee measure holds 1 oz making it the ideal addition to your morning ritual. It fits into most coffee bins, so it will always be accessible and easy to find. Stop using a spoon to scoop your ice cream. Chef Craft plastic ice cream scoops are long enough to keep your hand out of your ice cream and the thicker handle allows you to get a great grip while applying the torque and leverage needed to scoop out cold ice cream.
BRUSH PASTRY NATURAL          SPOONS MEASURING              Chef Craft 20732 Peelers
Natural bristles, wood handle. Blister pack. This Chef Craft 6-piece white measuring spoon set includes 1/8 tsp, 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp, 1 tsp, 1/2 tbsp and 1 tbsp sizes. Each spoon also has metric measurements to suit any recipe. The measurement labels are molded into the plastic so they will not rub off. These spoons are dishwasher-safe. Set down your knife and replace it with Chef Craft vegetable peeler. The sharp, stainless steel blade of this peeler cuts through any peel with ease, allowing you to make quick work of any meal prep that comes your way.
CUP MEASURING 1 CUP           CLIP BREAD AND BAGLE          Chef Craft 20639 Stir Fry Spatula
The Chef Craft 1-cup clear measuring cup works great for all measuring needs. It is clear so you can easily see how much you have on the side and it can be used for measuring liquid or dry ingredients. Chef Craft Bread and bagel clips work great to seal bread, rolls, buns, bagels, frozen foods and many other foods in a quick mechanism. They work much more quickly and reliably than twist-ties. Chef Craft stir fry tool is not only contoured to make cooking in a wok easy, it also is made of bamboo which makes it better than traditional wooden tools. Bamboo doesn't soak up water the same way as wood does eliminating the gray mildew that always seems to cling to wooden spoons after a while. Also, bamboo is much friendlier to the environment, because it grows very quickly and cutting it down impacts much less than its slower growing tree counterparts.
Chef Craft 20632 High Temperature Spatula Chef Craft 21042 Large Salt and Pepper Shaker Chef Craft 20285 Slotted Cookie Spatula
Silicone rubber blade, wood handle. Blister pack. Size: The spatula, which includes the rubber blade and wood handle  is 11-1/2"L x 2-1/2"W; the rubber blade is 2-1/2"W x 4"L. Large size. For table or stove use. This slotted cookie spatula by Chef Craft is small and maneuverable, making it ideal for getting cookies off the sheet or taking bars and brownies out of a pan. It looks great when serving at parties, but is durable enough to be used everyday.
CUP MEASURING 1 CUP           Chef Craft 20488 Spatula Set CORN HOLDERS YELLOW 6PC
Chef Craft measuring cups are made of durable plastic to prevent breaking when dropped and contain measurements in both metric and US units. They are great for both liquids and solids and are easy to pour. This spatula set is great for all baking needs. It comes in three different sizes to scrape all bowls. Flexible blades make sure it can reach all areas. Sick of burning your fingers on hot corn cobs while butter runs down your hand. With these corn holders, eating corn is easy. Just insert the pins into the ends of the corn and not only will your mess be reduced, but you'll enjoy your corn more.
CORK SCREWS                   Chef Craft 26710 Whisk BAG CLIP ASSORTED COLORS LG
This simple classic is still around for a reason. Its wood handle looks great on display and it is easy-to-use. Hand wash only to assure long-lasting beauty in the handle. Whisk away your worries with Chef Craft stainless steel whisk. This whisk is lightweight yet durable, ready-to tackle any whisking you test it with, whether it is whisking out anger and frustration or just trying to make a delicious meal. These Chef Craft large bag clips are beautiful pastel colors. They are 6 in across so are great for sealing standard size chip bags. They have a rubber non-stick grip to easily open and close the clips. Never let your chips or other snack foods go stale again.
Chef Craft 12131 Slotted Spoon Chef Craft 12130 Basting Spoon Chef Craft 20152 Egg Slicer
Chef Craft select red nylon slotted spoon is great for both mixing and serving. It will drain liquids while not allowing vegetables or other foods fall through. Nylon withstands high temperatures, which makes it great for all sorts of cooking. Chef Craft select red nylon basting spoon is great for all sorts of cooking. A nylon constructed working end means it can withstand high temperatures, while the ergonomic handle makes for comfortable stirring. Two-way white plastic base, stainless steel wires. Cuts oval or round slices. Blister pack.
LADLE NYLON RED HDL SELECT    CUP MEASURING 2 CUP           Chef Craft 20722 Paper? Towel Holder
Chef Craft select red nylon ladle is ideal for serving soups and stews. It has a flat bottom to get every last drop and it scoops up the ideal portion. It is heat-resistant to 450 deg F and will not scratch non-stick pans. The Chef Craft 2-cup clear measuring cup works great for all measuring needs. It is clear so you can easily see how much you have on the side and it can be used for measuring liquid or dry ingredients. Chef Craft Paper Towel Holder, 16 in OAL, 16 in OAW, 20-1/2 in OAH, Plastic, White, Wall Mounting
Chef Craft 12111 Slotted Long Turner Chef Craft 20473 Basters Chef Craft 20983 Toothpick Holder
Chef Craft select red nylon turner's long design makes the distance between your hand and what you are cooking longer, preventing hot hands. It is made of nylon and heat-resistant to 450 deg F. It is ideal for using with non-stick pans as it will not scrape the coating. Nylon tube, gray bulb. Polybag with header. Holder contains 200 toothpicks per container.
Chef Craft 12106 Jumbo Turner CLIPS MAGNETIC 2 PC           BAG CLIP MINI 2PC
Chef Craft select red nylon jumbo turner's large working end makes it great for flipping pancakes and omelets. It is made of nylon and heat-resistant to 450 deg F. It is ideal for using with non-stick pans as it will not scrape the coating. The Chef Craft mini magnetic clips are great for multiple uses. They can be used to close chip bags or clip papers and reminders on the fridge. This set comes with 2 pieces. They are constructed with you in mind- sturdy plastic clip and a rubber non-slip comfort grip handle. This Chef Craft two-piece green and blue mini bag clip set will not only keep your food fresh, but they'll also jazz up your kitchen. Their bright colors and strong springs will make them the ideal addition to your kitchen.
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