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DOUGH SCRAPER                 COFFEE MEASURE SS 1/8IN DIA   Chef Craft 20746 Ice Cream Scoops
Chef Craft Dough Scraper, Flexible, 6 in Overall Length, 4 in Overall Width, Plastic, White Chef Craft Coffee Measure, 1/8 in Diameter, Stainless Steel, Silver Chef Craft Ice Cream Scoop, 18 in Width, 12 in Length, 20 in Height, Plastic
BRUSH PASTRY NATURAL          SPOONS MEASURING              Chef Craft 20732 Peelers
Chef Craft Pastry Brush, 7-1/2 in Overall Length, Wood Handle, Natural Chef Craft Measuring Spoon, Plastic, White, For Cooking Chef Craft Vegetable Peeler, Carbon Steel Blade, Nylon Handle, Black Handle, 6 in Overall Height
CUP MEASURING 1 CUP           CLIP BREAD AND BAGLE          Chef Craft 20639 Stir Fry Spatula
Chef Craft Measuring Cup, 1 Cup Capacity, Plastic, Clear, For Measuring Liquids and Powders Clean Cup With Readable Graduations Chef Craft Bread and Bagel Clip, For Closing Plastic and Paper Bags, Bread, Rolls, Bagels, Frozen Foods, Popcorn, Corn Chips, Pretzels and Candy Bags Chef Craft Stir Fry Spatula, Series: 20639, Bamboo Blade, 12 in Handle Length, Bamboo Handle, For Mixing, Sauteing and Stir Fry Cooking.  Functional bamboo wok edged spatula tool. Thick and wide bamboo wok cooking utensil tool is a must have for stir fry cooking. Durable and thick bamboo carving will not break easily stronger than wood and will not swell, split, or absorb moisture. The wide and edged front is perfect for wok cooking and for mixing saut?ing, frying or just about any other application you can imagine. Excellent addition to your kitchen utensil drawer
Chef Craft 20632 High Temperature Spatula Chef Craft 21042 Large Salt and Pepper Shaker Chef Craft 20285 Slotted Cookie Spatula
Chef Craft Spatula, High Temperature, Series: 20632, 2-1/2 in Blade Width, 4 in Blade Length, Silicone Rubber Blade, Flexible Blade, 11-1/2 in Handle Length, Wood Handle, Non-Slip Grip Handle, 500 deg F Chef Craft Salt and Pepper Shaker, Large, Plastic, Clear Base, Red and White Cap, 3-1/2 in Overall Height, For Table or Stove Use Chef Craft Slotted Cookie Spatula, Series: 20285, Stainless Steel Blade, 8 in Handle Length, Wood Handle, Brown, For Serving Baked Deserts
CUP MEASURING 1 CUP           Chef Craft 20488 Spatula Set CORN HOLDERS YELLOW 6PC
Chef Craft Measuring Cup, 1 Cup Capacity, Plastic, Clear Chef Craft Spatula Set, Series: 20488, 3 Pieces, 10 in, Polypropylene White Chef Craft Corn Holder, 6-Piece, Softgrip Handle, Yellow
CORK SCREWS                   Chef Craft 26710 Whisk BAG CLIP ASSORTED COLORS LG
Chef Craft Corkscrew, Wood Handle Chef Craft Whisk, 8 in Overall Length, Stainless Steel Chef Craft Bag Clip, Rubber Tip, Assorted, 6 in Width, Large, For Closing Bags of Potato Chips, Pretzels, Corn Chips and Candy
Chef Craft 12131 Slotted Spoon Chef Craft 12130 Basting Spoon Chef Craft 20152 Egg Slicer
Chef Craft Spoon, Slotted, Series: 12131, 12 in Overall Length, Red? Handle, Nylon Chef Craft Spoon, Basting, Series: 12130, 12 in Overall Length, Red? Handle, Nylon Chef Craft Egg Slicer, Series: 20152, Stainless Steel Blade
LADLE NYLON RED HDL SELECT    CUP MEASURING 2 CUP           Chef Craft 20722 Paper? Towel Holder
Chef Craft Soup Ladle, 8 oz Volume, 12 in Overall Length, Black and Red Handle, Nylon Chef Craft Measuring Cup, 2 Cup Capacity, Plastic, Clear Chef Craft Paper? Towel Holder, Series: 20722, 16 in Overall Length, 16 in Overall Width, 20-1/2 in Overall Height, Plastic, White
Chef Craft 12111 Slotted Long Turner Chef Craft 20473 Basters Chef Craft 20983 Toothpick Holder
Chef Craft Slotted Long Turner, Series: 12111, 12 in Handle Length, Heat Resistant Nylon Handle, Comfort Grip Handle, Red?, 450 deg F Chef Craft Basting Tube, 11-1/2 in Overall Length, Nylon, Blue, 1.5 oz Capacity, For Kitchen Chef Craft Toothpick
Chef Craft 12106 Jumbo Turner CLIPS MAGNETIC 2 PC           BAG CLIP MINI 2PC
Chef Craft Jumbo Turner, Series: 12106, 12 in Handle Length, Heat Resistant Nylon Handle, Comfort Grip Handle, Red?, 450 deg F, For All Your Cooking and Serving Needs Chef Craft Magnetic Clip, 3 in Width, For Closing Plastic Bags, Food Stays Fresh Longer With this Clamp that Tightly Seals Bread, Food and Chip Bags Chef Craft Bag Clip, Mini, Rubber Tips, Blue-Green, For Closing Bags Of Chips and Cereal
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